Welker to Test the Open Market

Wes Welker has chosen to test the open market before making any plans to sign with the Patriots again. This basically means that he wants to see what other teams are willing to offer for his level of talent, and if the price isn’t high enough or if the team if mediocre, he will consider re-signing with the Patriots. This also means that Welker probably won’t be back with the Patriots next year.

After Brady’s contract extension and restructured deal, it seemed that there was no doubt that Welker would sign around a 3 year deal with the Patriots. But now, it is revealed that Wes is in fact going after the money, which isn’t a good sign for the Patriots.

There are enough teams currently that have the cap space to offer Wes Welker a huge contract deal and overpay him. The Miami Dolphins have much cap space to work with, and have wide receiver needs, so Welker would be a perfect fit for them (and a nightmare for New England). A team like the Dolphins could easily out-pay the Patriots for Welker, and since he isn’t particularly looking to be back next season, the Pats would lose an extremely talented wide receiver.

Keep your fingers crossed that Wes will do the right thing and stay in New England.


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