Patriots: New Conflicting Wes Welker News

So according to (and Rapoport), Wes Welker is still waiting for a first offer from the Patriots. This is the type of stuff that Wes was reported to be upset about by the Patriots. Not making offers, disrespecting him, reducing his role, etc. When I saw this post I initially thought that this was the first true news on the subject and the truth had finally came out. But as usual, there were other reports that said otherwise:

So apparently Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston says that the Patriots already had an offer for Welker… This would agree with the news of the contract negotiations “making progress,” and it would agree with the news of Wes not wanting to negotiate with the Patriots until he tested the open market, but who knows anymore.

Can we not get a true and reliable report on the Wes Welker situation? And can the Patriots and Welker not realize that they are what is best for each other?

With that said, free agency starts in about 30 minutes, so sit back and especially make sure to follow the news on Welker and Aqib Talib.



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