Patriots sign a new return man: Leon Washington

The Patriots return game was never very strong all last season. We had Welker back there for punts after Edelman was injured, and its not smart to put a key player on a return job. On kickoffs, we had Devin McCourty returning who was O.K. at returning, but he certainly wasn’t great.

Well, lets introduce the newest Patriot, Leon Washington!

Washington could be a game changer on returns. He had 3 returns for a touchdown in 2010, and 1 last year. He will add some much needed depth in this aspect, and could maybe help a little with the running back corps.

Will this mean the end of Woodhead and Jeff Demps? I don’t think so. One good return man isn’t enough, and Demps has some blazing speed (anyone watch the Olympics?). Washington hasn’t been used a lot in the passing game, so I would guess that he won’t be a threat to Woodhead’s position (however, if the Patriots choose to expand Vereen’s role, then Vereen could very well take over for Woodhead).

This is some great news for the Patriots, and only the second deal that they’ve made in free agency. Now its time to stock up on the defense!


One thought on “Patriots sign a new return man: Leon Washington

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