Patriots End of the Week Roundup: Week 1 of Free Agency

This has been a busy week for all of the NFL, with free agency beginning on Tuesday and many interesting options on the market. The Patriots acquired some free agents despite only really meeting and signing later. These are all the big news topics that happened this week.

Wes Welker out, Danny Amendola in

At first, it was reported on Wednesday that Welker had signed with the Broncos after the Patriots did not match Denver’s offer of $6 million a year, and Amendola was signed shortly afterward. It was later revealed though, that Amendola was signed on Tuesday shortly after free agency started. This is probably due to the fact that Welker asked for big money last year, and the Patriots thought that a deal could not have been worked out. But when Wes came back to the Patriots asking to match the Broncos’ $6M/year offer, the Patriots would have gladly matched it, but they couldn’t due to the fact that they already had a slot receiver signed.

For more info:
Wes Welker goes to the Broncos. What does this mean to the Patriots?

Kyle Arrignton is back

Well, Arrignton, the mediocre cornerback that no Patriot fan wanted on the team anymore, officially resigned with the Patriots. He signed for 4 years with roughly $7.5 million guaranteed. That’s big money. Does this make sense to pay him so much? Well despite being horrific as an outside corner this year, Kyle Arrignton still lead the league in interceptions 2 seasons ago and wasn’t too bad covering the slot this year. If the Patriots have two strong options on the edge, the putting Kyle Arrignton to cover the slot receiver isn’t such a bad idea (as long as we don’t get to see him getting burned deep again).

Adrian Wilson signed with the Patriots

The former Arizona Cardinals safety has signed with the Patriots on friday. He will bring a physical presence to the defense, being one of only 6 players in NFL history to record 25 sacks and 25 interceptions in his career. He doesn’t defend the pass very well however, and at this point in his career, we will have to hope that he doesn’t turn out to be another Patrick Chung.

For more info:
Patriots sign Adrian Wilson

Dwight Freeney and John Abraham leave Boston with no deal

Both Dwight Freeney and John Abraham visited Boston on Friday to discuss a deal, but neither left with one (reportedly). Both are excellent pass rushers who would bring a new level of depth to the team’s defensive line, but unfortunately that can’t happen. John Abraham is currently in Miami visiting the Dolphins but was not invited to visit.

Danny Woodhead leaves Patriots to go to the Chargers

Nooooooo! Woodhead, who was always a fan favorite in Boston, is one of the most underrated players in the league. It is such a shame that he left to the Chargers. He fit so well in the Patriots system, and had excellent chemistry with Brady when used in the passing game. I’m sure the Patriots were sad to let him go, but he did have a nice career (though he didn’t put up huge numbers) in New England.

Aqib Talib re-signs

This is very good news. As I have always said, Talib is a game changer in the Patriots defense. Since his arrival last season, the secondary has given up less big plays, and Talib can limit great number 1 receivers. His only downside is that he gets injured very often, so the Patriots should try going after another cornerback on the market (DeAngelo Hall anyone?)

Brandon Lloyd released

This is not suprising. The deadline for the cap hit of already signed players was at 4:00 pm ET today, and Lloyd was released just before then (3:59 pm ET). It is very likely that the Patriots will sign him back with a smaller contract, as they are currently short on receivers. Brandon Lloyd may not have been the deep threat answer the Patriots were looking for last season, but he can still make some amazing catches.




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