Analyzing the NFL Mock Draft: How the AFC East Will Change

The latest version of the NFL Mock Draft (by Matt Smith) recently came out (available here), and it has some interesting updated picks. In this article, we will be examining the Mock Draft’s predicted picks for each team in the AFC East, and how it will affect the team’s standing in the division.

Buffalo Bills (8th pick)- Lane Johnson (Geno Smith)


The Mock Draft also says that they would pick Geno Smith if he was still available. Makes sense for them to want Geno Smith. The Bills have gone years without a decent quarterback and have had to settle for a conservative system lead by Ryan Fitzpatrick, who was released recently. Geno Smith is just about the only quarterback in this year’s draft that can be considered a solid starting franchise quarterback. Its hard to imagine him failing in the NFL. That being said, the Bills may have to trade up to get him, because he may very well go by the time the Bills have their pick.

Johnson landing with the Bills may improve their offense dramatically. Their offensive line play was horrible (but not as horrible as teams such as the Cardinals or the Eagles). They already have two excellent running backs, Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller. They have a great receiver, Stevie Johnson, and a good tight end, Scott Chandler, both of whom were underused by the system due to the limitations of Ryan Fitzpatrick. The addition of Lane Johnson would be the next step in protecting the quarterback for the Bills.

Predicted division standing: 4th (3rd if Geno Smith, switching with the 3rd ranked team)

New York Jets (9th pick)- Ziggy Ansah

Ziggy Ansah

How this fits I really don’t know. But really, no one ever knows whats going on with the Jets. Their offense is so lackluster that its hard to go beyond that and see the troubles in their defense. But they do need pass rushers, and Ziggy could be the answer for them. He is an explosive player who could dominate on the edge, and Rex Ryan can (possibly, unless he pulls a Tim Tebow) make him into a star defensive player.

Ziggy Ansah would elevate the pass rush in the Jets, giving a strong secondary a strong front rush to accompany it. It could take other teams off their tracks if they’re not ready, and unless their offensive lines are ready, it could take some unsuspecting quarterbacks victim. Still, though their defense would be great with this addition, their offense will still be horrible, and as long as Rex still says “Mark Sanchez is the answer”, the Jets will continue to fail.

Predicted division standing: 3rd

Miami Dolphins (12th pick)- Keenan Allen


Keenan Allen is a receiver who can do it all. Last season the weakness of the Dolphins has obviously been their wide receiver corps. With Brian Hartline leading the wide receivers with only one touchdown, Miami was in desperate need of more depth at wide receiver. They achieved this in free agency by signing Mike Wallace and Brandon Gibson. Now it seems they’re going back for more.

At 6’3″, Keenan Allen is an excellent wide receiver choice. He would make Ryan Tannehill look amazing next to Mike Wallace. He can catch passes deep, or on short slant routes, and gain major yards after the catch. Him along with Mike Wallace, Brian Hartline, Brandon Gibson, and Davone Bess could do some serious damage to other defenses, especially some weaker ones within the division (Patriots and Bills?). This offense if set to dominate, if executed properly.

Predicted Division Standing: 2nd

New England Patriots (29th pick)- Desmond Trufant


This one’s kind of up in the air. The Patriots need a cornerback to give the secondary a boost. With the recent signing with Aqib Talib for only one year, the Patriots need a long term cornerback solution on the other side of the field. Since Alfonzo Dennard is probably gonna be in jail for a while, Trufant or Jonathan Banks could give the secondary the boost they need. Both are elite cornerbacks who could carry the defense along with Talib to a whole new level.

Desmond Trufant has the ability to be a great NFL cornerback with his size, speed and strength. He has the ability to follow receivers on press coverage, and can fight for the ball in the air. He won’t give any receivers an easy time, which is good when you’re going up against receivers like Mike Wallace two times a year. With this elevated defense, and a profound offense lead by Tom Brady, the Patriots are giving themselves yet another chance to win it all.

Predicted Division Standing: 1st


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