NFL Free Agency Update: Ed Reed, Brian Urlacher, John Abraham, and Dwight Freeney

After the first few days of free agency, the frenzy has calmed down. There a few that didn’t get signed in the first wave of deals, and news on some of these players is just coming out now.

Brian Urlacher’s time in Chicago is at an end


Brian Urlacher’s career with the Bears is over, as Chicago offered him $2 million for 1 year. Urlacher felt insulted by and quickly denied this offer, as he was seeking around $3.5-$4 million per year. To the Bears, Brian Urlacher is growing too old and gets injured too often for them to handle, and they were “ready to move on from him”. Urlacher will reportedly not retire, and will instead look into offers from other teams. He hasn’t ruled out a return to the Bears though, despite all the news.

Ed Reed agrees to terms with the Texans

A lot happened within a few hours today. First the Ravens owner Scott Bisciotti said that he was optimistic that Ed Reed would come back. Then, a source within the Ravens organization said that they were very pessimistic about Reed’s return to the team. Within a short period of time, Ed Reed released a statement saying he was going to the Texans if something didn’t change. Ed Reed reportedly agreed to terms with the Houston Texans on a contract shortly after. Reed will be an improvement to the Texans struggling pass defense, and his departure will make an already weak Ravens defense (due to free agency) weaker. He is a future Hall of Famer, and has a significant on the field presence wherever he goes. I’m sure the Ravens really feel regret on not being able to get this deal done.

John Abraham and Dwight Freeney to visit Denver


These are both excellent pass rushers who have already turned down many teams, including the Patriots and the Dolphins. They both obviously have troubles finding the kind of money that they want, and maybe Denver could provide it for one of or both of them. Either one would certainly serve as a nice replacement for Elvis Dumervil (released because of the faxgate scandal, leaving lots of dead money stuck in the Broncos’ cap room). We’ll see how this progresses through the week.


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