Harvard comes through in a huge upset against New Mexico

Well they did it, they finally won a game in the NCAA Tournament. (Not like I ever doubted them anyways)

The Crimson pulled through on a 68-62 upset against New Mexico, playing well and holding the lead for most of the game. It was a huge bracketbuster for the 94.4% of people who had New Mexico moving on to the next round. Looks like the people who picked Harvard as a joke actually benefited this time.

Harvard won against great defensive play in the paint by New Mexico under Laurent Rivard’s great 3 point shooting. He was 6 for 7 in shooting 3’s, drawing praise from all over, including his coach who called him the best three point shooter in Boston (now that Ray Allen is gone). Laurent Rivard had 17 points and Wesley Saunders had 18 for Harvard.

Harvard limited the Lobos to 21 for 56 shooting (37.5%), and New Mexico’s only offensive production came from Alex Kirk, who had 22 points. New Mexico was able to get 12 steals and 16 offensive rebounds, but obviously weren’t able to capitalize on any of them.

Harvard was, however, able to capitalize on their opportunities, despite New Mexico’s tough defense. They often forced the Lobos to play 60 seconds of defense; they were able to draw fouls too, and capitalize with great free throw percentage. They withstanded a small comeback by New Mexico, and solidified their win with clutch steals and shots alike.


They were able to achieve this first ever win for the university without their two best shooters or any sports scholarships. It was truly a magical moment for the Harvard Crimson, their fans, and the stunned NCAA audience.


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2 thoughts on “Harvard comes through in a huge upset against New Mexico

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