March Madness: Second Round Analysis and Third Round Predictions

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Is your bracket busted yet? That’s what I thought. So many unbelievable upsets came about in the last two days, choosing who wins in the third round might be as hard as choosing who won in the second. Among the upsets, the surprising ones are wins by Harvard, La Salle, and, of course, Florida Gulf Coast.

The Atlantic 10 conference is an outstanding 6-0 in tournament play so far. The teams that have won from this conference are 4 Saint Louis, 5 VCU, 6 Butler, 9 Temple, and 13 La Salle, who had to play their way in the tournament in the first round, known as the First Four round, and have won both of their games so far.

Also, for the first time in NCAA history, the three, four, and five seeds in the same region lost in the round of 64. 3 New Mexico, 4 Kansas State, and 5 Wisconsin. They lost to 14 Harvard, 13 La Salle, and 12 Ole Miss, respectively. This all happened in the West Region.

The 7 Notre Dame Fighting Irish and 8 Pitt Panthers also were teams that were upset in the West region. The Irish fell to 10 Iowa State, while the Panthers lost to 9 Witchita State. The Big East has not had a great showing in the tournament so far as they are 3-5 in the tourney so far.

3rd Round Predictions

Midwest Region

1 Louisville def. 8 Colorado State

7 Creighton def. 2 Duke

3 Michigan State def 6 Memphis

12 Oregon def. 4 Saint Louis

South Region

1 Kansas def. 8 North Carolina

15 Florida Gulf Coast def. 7 San Diego State

3 Florida def. 11 Minnesota

4 Michigan def. 5 Virginia Commonwealth

West Region

1 Gonzaga def. 9 Wichita State

2 Ohio State def. 10 Iowa State

14 Harvard def. 6 Arizona

13 La Salle def. 12 Ole Miss

East Region

1 Indiana def. 9 Temple

2 Miami (FL) def. 7 Illinois

6 Butler def. 3 Marquette

4 Syracuse def. 12 California


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