Patriots Re-Sign OT Sebastian Vollmer

Sorry to interrupt your March Madness craze, but possibly the last big news out of the NFL free agency has just been reported!

Pretty late into the free agency stage of the offseason, the Patriots finally agree on a deal with star offensive tackle Sebastian Vollmer. Vollmer was the best OT talent on the market this offseason, but there was always little news about him and his negotiations until now.

It was reported to be a four year deal by the Boston Herald. If this is truly so, the Patriots have pretty much solidified their offensive line for years to come. This is good news for Tom Brady, who operates the best when he is given time to throw.

It is surprising that Sebastian Vollmer only signed a deal this late into free agency. This probably means that he had trouble finding the kind of money that he wanted in this year’s down market, or he just wanted to stay with the Patriots. Aqib Talib is an example of a top tier player who couldn’t find the money they wanted in this year’s market, and decided to re-sign. The difference is that Aqib Talib turned down many multi-year offers, and signed for one year, obviously hoping that next year’s market would be better.

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