This Week In Miami Sports: The Heat’s Streak Comes to an End (NOT FOR HEAT HATERS!), Dolphins Get a New Logo

It’s about time we don’t have an article about March Madness, right? (Sorry, more are definitely to come.)

Yes, it’s true. The unimaginable streak has come to a close. The streak ends with 27 wins, the second longest winning streak in NBA history. The Miami Heat lost to the Chicago Bulls Wednesday night by a final score of 101-97. If you are just a stat person, you will notice that the final score was only a four point loss, but it  was much more than that, game wise and emotionally.

This game was full of NUMEROUS missed and blown calls. You could definitely say that there was a home court advantages. From the bull…, I mean terrible call when Shane Battier “was out of bounds” after making a clutch steal, to the no flagrant foul call on Taj Gibson when he literally pulled LeBron James out of the air, to the head-shaking call of a flagrant foul on LeBron when he was simply trying to show Gibson that he won’t take any pushing, should I say pulling, around from anyone on the Chicago squad.

I will give some credit to the Bulls though because they did play some great basketball without two of their biggest stars, Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose. I will also give a nod to Kirk Hinrich, who had the game of his career that night. I mean it’s not the Bulls fault that the officiating in that game was poor. The NBA just needs to provide some more experienced and practiced officials, compared to the ones that they have now that call themselves referees.

The Miami Dolphins Get a New Logo


After someone at Nike leaked part of what is believed to be the new Miami Dolphins jersey, speculation went around that the logo on the jersey  would be the new logo adapted by the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins’ front office wouldn’t talk though.

It was not until accidentally leaked the logo onto their site that the Dolphins gave in. The Miami Dolphins say that it is part of a rebranding of their team. The logo was to be unveiled April 18, but that date has been pushed back to April 25, the same day as the first day of the 2013 NFL Draft.

The Dolphins originally had plans of leaking the logo slowly over a 30 day period, but now that the cat is out of the bag, they are going to have fun with it. They already had a raffle of the first official shirt with the new logo.

At the rebranding event, the ‘Fins will unveil their new jerseys and helmets. The helmets are to be white with a white face mask, making them the second team in the NFL to currently have a white face mask, the other being the Kansas City Chiefs. The original face mask color was aqua.


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One thought on “This Week In Miami Sports: The Heat’s Streak Comes to an End (NOT FOR HEAT HATERS!), Dolphins Get a New Logo

  1. Sad the Heat streak is over but oh well, it was a great run. As far as the Dolphins new logo, let’s just say it don’t look so good. The intimidating Dolphin with the football on looks a lot better in my opinion.

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