Possible Landing Spots for Tim Tebow

It is no secret that Tim Tebow will not be a New York Jet when the start of the 2013 season comes around. The Jets are looking to trade him, but not many teams, if any, are willing to give much for the former Florida Gator. Tebow may end up just being released. The question is, where will he go?

Seattle Seahawks

I feel that this is the most likely landing spot for Tim Tebow. The head coach of the Seahawks, Pete Carroll, is known to have a liking Tebow. The team is also in need of a backup quarterback after recently having traded Matt Flynn to the Oakland Raiders. Tebow would make sense in this role because the starter, Russell Wilson, has a similar style of play as he does.

Buffalo Bills

This option makes some sense because the Bills are also in need of a backup quarterback. The Bills recently acquired Kevin Kolb off of the free agent market after he was released by the Arizona Cardinals. Tebow may also be given a chance to compete for the starting job, as Kolb has proven inconsistent in the past. The Bills once had interest in Tebow, dating back to the 2010 NFL Draft, where rumors went around that the Bills were considering using a top 10 pick on him.

New England Patriots

This is the option that makes the most sense, in my opinion. This would give Tim Tebow the amazing opportunity to take a back seat to the greatest quarterback to ever play the game for a few years, and take advantage of this time to learn from him. Once Brady finally retires, Tebow may be able to step up and become the quarterback he should be, a first round caliber quarterback. In New England, Bill Belichick would most definitely find a way to put Tebow on the field. Whether it be in another position, or as a Wildcat quarterback, Tebow would definitely get playing time. It would also allow Brady to get some rest during games. And to put the icing on the cake, Josh McDaniels is the offensive coordinator of the team. McDaniels was the head coach of the Denver Broncos when they selected Tim Tebow with the 25th overall pick in 2010. He was the only one who saw the true potential of Tim Tebow and knows how to put the team around him. This would highly benefit Tebow, along with making him comfortable since he would be reacquainted with his former coach.

Jacksonville Jaguars

This is the most ideal landing spot for Tebow. It would be the most perfect case of “the chicken coming home to roost”. Tim Tebow is a Jacksonville native, and playing for his hometown would give him much confidence to show up and put out. Along with this, he has a great fan base in north Florida, as many Gators fans still follow him and pull for him in the pros. Furthermore, the owner of the team, Shahid Khan, is infatuated with Tebow. He has even gone so far as to say he would have taken Tim Tebow with a top 5 pick in the 2010 NFL Draft. Tebow almost became a Jaguar last season. When the Denver Broncos shopped him, John Elway gave Tim Tebow the choice of going either to New York or Jacksonville. He chose New York because he felt that he had the best chance to compete for a starting job there, against Mark Sanchez. The Jaguars were still hoping that Blaine Gabbert would step up to be an elite quarterback, and Tebow most likely would have seen his way to the Jaguars bench.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are a sorry team, to say the least, and they have many troubles filling up seats at EverBank Stadium. Their attendance is so poor that it has been considered that the team may move to Los Angeles, or possibly even London. There is no question Tim Tebow can fill up seats. Just ask the Miami Dolphins, who nearly sold out the stadium for their game against the Broncos in 2011. Tebow would solve the attendance issues in a heartbeat. The match is almost too perfect, like it is too good to be true. And apparently it is. The Jaguars new general manager David Caldwell is not on the Tim Tebow bandwagon, and has said that he does not see a situation where Tebow would become a Jaguar, even if he is released.

Arena Football League/Canadian Football League

As sad as it is to say, this may end up being Tebow’s only option and final resort. Many NFL teams do not want the show that comes along with him, so this greatly hinders Tebow’s market value. Also, many NFL teams are relatively set with their starters, and even backups. Many teams don’t feel Tebow has the skill set to start in the NFL, with his poor mechanics and throwing motion, and his inability to read defenses. It would be very sad if this ends up being Tim Tebow’s destiny because after having an amazing season in Denver worthy of earning a starting job in the NFL in the 2011 season, he was never given another chance to prove his worth. It not necessarily a bad thing to go play in the AFL/CFL, because some quarterbacks came out of those leagues and became solid NFL starters, namely Kurt Warner and Doug Flutie. The AFL/CFL may give Tebow a chance to brush up on his fundamentals.


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3 thoughts on “Possible Landing Spots for Tim Tebow

  1. I really hope that Tim goes to Jacksonville because I see myself rooting for that team. I am not a New England fan (probably due to not liking Brady. But if they do pick him, I would certainaly try to watch every game I can. I really would love to see him with the Texans as they are my Team along with the Broncos who were my all time favs. I just hope some team will take him and give him a chance to play and build his career. I know he is and can be a great player. He is quite a talent, and my hope is that teams are not afraid of his Christianity and just give him a chance to play. Jacksonville does sound like they really need him not only for his talents but also for his drawing power. Fans really do love him and will flock to the stadium to watch him in action. His detractors are unreal in their determination that he is awful. He is a proven winner, and has a built in following. Who could ask for more??

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