Bruins get in the winning spirit with Jaromir Jagr

With the win last night against the New Jersey Devils (1-0), the Bruins are on a 3 game win streak. And with this strong play going in the last few games, the Bruins can officially say that they have broken out of their long slump that lowered their Eastern Conference standing to 4th. Even without Patrice Bergeron, a key defensive forward, the Bruins still dominated their latest game against the Devils.

The Devils had 40 shots on goal, significantly more than the Bruin’s 20 shots on goal, but none could get past Tuukka Rask, who was on point the whole night. Even though the Devils also won most of the faceoffs, the B’s clearly dominated, taking away the Devils’ chances, and creating a lot of steals that led to great opportunities. Several Bruins players had an amazing game, more notably Chara and Jagr.

Zdeno Chara was playing extremely aggressively, making plays, and getting the puck away from the Devils. He had a lot of big hits in the first period (harder than usual), which seemed like he was going to break the boards at any moment. Big Zee also had a great hookaround break-up off of a one-on-one opportunity for the Devils. His defensive ability, aggressive play, and use of his long reach created much benefit for the B’s during the 25 minutes that he was on the ice.


Jaromir Jagr had a surprisingly great start to his Bruins career. He scored his first goal in this debut game with the team, but it was really a lucky goal. Marchand had passed the puck to Jagr, who was skating towards the goal when the puck bounced off of Jagr’s skate into the goal. Jagr himself even admitted that it was a lucky goal, hence why he didn’t do his famous “salute” goal celebration. Even though his only goal was out of pure luck, he did play well in the game. Jagr was surprisingly fluid in his play with the Bruins, even though he only had one practice with the team. He seemed to fit in pretty well right off the bat, and was able to create several opportunities that almost led to goals. As he practices more with the team, his chemistry with the rest of the team will be better and better and he will be able to score more goals and well, be Jaromir Jagr.

Patrice Bergeron was a key part of the Bruins’ play, and since he is out due to a mild concussion, many thought the team would not function as well. The team did have some problems, including Seguin’s shaky play at center. But as long as the team as a whole plays like they did last night, they should be ready to make a trip to the Stanley Cup Finals

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