NFL Offseason Highlights

NFL players can be very flashy, and can do stupid things. Sometimes they just don’t say the smartest things, or they just can’t keep their mouth shut. This article isn’t gonna be about the best free agent moves in the offseason, or anything really related to the NFL as you’d like. Today, we’re gonna talk about the best things we’ve seen from the NFL offseason, whether it be stupid comments, excessive partying, or old NFL player appearances.

The Summer of Gronk


It’s no secret that Rob Gronkowski is a party animal. Last year, he was payed tens of thousands of dollars just to show up to a party. He generally likes to party with his shirt off, with other shirtless men also named Gronkowski. His offseason habits have gotten him in trouble with the Patriots front office, who generally tell him to lay low and stop after a month.

This year, Gronk’s party season sure wasn’t much more boring. He threw a huge Super Bowl party that cost him $9,000, which was the least of his offseason escapades. Gronkowski also showed off his wrestling moves by body slamming his brother at a club (see video below). Though he was highly criticized for this because of his injured forearm, the Summer of Gronk still did not stop. He still went to numerous other parties, and will probably continue to party until training camp begins.

Tom Brady works out with Terrell Owens along with others

Tom Brady lives a much more relaxed life than that of Rob Gronkowski. His $20 million mansion in California was recently finished, and you can bet that that’s where he’s spending his offseason. Along with Gisele (who happens to be the highest paid supermodel in the world) and his kids, Brady spends his offseasons relaxing in California. He just has an enormous mansion surrounded by a moat (yes, a moat) this time.

Tom Brady was recently spotted working out with his newest receiver, Danny Amendola, Matt Cassel, and Terrell Owens. That’s right, Terrell Owens, that washed up old receiver who can’t find a job in the NFL anymore. Tom was working out with Amendola and Cassel before Cassel invited Terrell Owens to join. Brady ended up working out with Owens one on one, according to the myriad of pictures that have been showing up on Twitter. Rumors have gone around about the Patriots going after signing Owens, but that’s not a likely move, however it would add much depth to the Patriots’ wide receiver roster (sadly).

Kevin Kolb says he went to the Bills to win the Super Bowl

“I’m here to win the Super Bowl. Period,” said QB Kevin Kolb at a Bills press conference.

Yes, you read the title right. Buffalo Bills’ newly acquired quarterback Kevin Kolb went to the Bills in hopes of winning a Super Bowl. I’m not saying that the Bills are a bad team or anything, but they suck. They have no defense (run nor pass) and their passing game last year was horrific. Bringing in former Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb may improve the offense by a little, but not a lot. Kolb is prone to injury, and doesn’t look that great when he’s on the field anyways. He had a 58.5% completion rate last year with 17 touchdowns for 11 interceptions. Keep in mind that he had Larry Fitzgerald to pass to. Now decrease the number of offensive weapons, and see where Kolb gets you, unless you say that Stevie Johnson is better than Larry Fitzgerald.

Richard Sherman says Adderall should be legal in the NFL


In the past few days, quotes surfaced that Richard Sherman, CB for the Seattle Seahawks, saying that he is a strong advocate for Adderall being legalized in the NFL. The truth came out recently, and these quotes were taken out of context. The story is as follows:

Richard Sherman was said to have said that half of the NFL takes Adderall, and that the NFL should just make it legal. These comments called up a huge backlash, and many people lost more respect for Sherman (more? He’s known to be a big mouth and tends to brag to other’s faces after a game). Sherman was suspended for Adderall use during the season, but after an appeal and investigation, it was found that the test was faulty.

Now, after investigation, it was revealed that the quotes were taken out of context, and Sherman was in fact addressing the athletes on prescription when he was talking about the “half the NFL” that uses Adderall. Richard Sherman prevails again (to the disappointment of Patriots fans everywhere).


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