Possible Landing Spots for Tim Tebow Part 2

With time winding down for the New York Jets to trade away the media darling, the Jets may end up releasing Tebow. If he is released, there are a few teams out there that may be interested. 

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Chicago Bears

This is a very likely situation. Being one of the teams rumored to go after Tebow, they are a team that has neither denied or accepted the rumors. Bears head coach, Marc Trestman, is a very good friend of Tebow’s, and helped him train for the 2010 NFL Draft. The Bears also don’t have a legitimate back-up quarterback. Trestman, who is expected to implement an option style offense with Chicago, coached Anthony Calvillo, a quarterback who, according to Trestman, has an extremely similar playing style and throwing mechanics to Tebow. Trestman may be able to use the true advantages of Tebow, and the former Bronco can get a chance to learn from Jay Cutler.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

The Bucs are another team in need of a back-up quarterback. Their current back-up is Dan Orlovsky, who has shown many struggles in the past and is not someone you would want to turn to if your starter is down. Tebow has a record of being great when in need, so Tampa Bay could be an ideal location. Another thing is that he would be making a homecoming to Florida, and he would bring a strong fan base with him.

New Orleans Saints

Yet another team in dire need in a back-up quarterback are the Saints. Chase Daniel recently left the team to go back up Alex Smith in Kansas City. The only other quarterback besides Drew Brees is Luke McCown. Tebow would be a nice addition to the team because he could set right in to the number two spot and observe the play of one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL right now.


As much as Tim Tebow wants to go to an NFL team where he can be given a fair shot at the starting job, the options of a team giving him the request are extremely limited. As a matter of fact, his best shot at getting a starting job is with the team he is currently on, the New York Jets. Unfortunately, Tebow may never get a shot at starting in the NFL again, and this is sad because he never got another true fair shot at a starting job after his monumental success with Denver in 2011.


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