This Week in Miami Sports: Marlins have terrible outings vs. Mets, Braves; Heat Keep Rolling Without LeBron, Wade

The Miami Marlins seem to be the exact opposite of a team that they were last year. In 2012, the Fish had bats, but did not have the pitching to back them up. This year, the Marlins pitchers have been relatively phenomenal, but they have had no offensive production.

A key game that shows this is when rookie pitcher and Cuban native Jose Fernandez was on the mound for his Major League debut. Fernandez went five innings with only giving up three hits and one run, a very impressive day for the youngster. The 20 year old was en route for his first MLB win, with the Marlins winning 3-1 when he was taken out, but no more runs produced and the relief pitching was horrendous. The Marlins lost the game to the Mets 4-3. The Marlins went on to lose their next three games in a home opening series to the Atlanta Braves. Once again, these games had strong pitching, but no back up from the offense.

The Miami Heat have been smart with the way they are resting their starters. Rather than being blatant like the San Antonio Spurs were by saying they sent Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker, and Tim Duncan on flights home for their game against the Heat earlier in the season. The Heat returned the favor, but rather than saying that they sent LeBron James and Dwyane Wade home, they simply had them listed as injured.

With Wade having been out for the last six games, and LeBron for 3 games, Mike Miller, surprisingly, stepped up to the role of leader as the Heat’s superstars got breathers after achieving a 27 game win streak, the second longest streak in NBA history. Even when the Heat sat out Wade, LeBron, Bosh, and Ray Allen against the Wizards Wednesday night, the Heat were able to win out and secure home-court advantage throughout the entire playoffs. This was also their 62nd win of the season, which is a franchise record.


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