Boston Marathon stopped because of explosions [UPDATE: 5:32 PM 4/15/13]


The Boston Marathon goes on every year on Patriots Day, a state holiday in Massachusetts. Today, which is Patriots Day in Boston, the Marathon was stopped because of two explosions that happened near the finish line on Boylston Street.

There are no details on what caused the explosions yet, but the whole city of Boston is on lockdown and runners in the marathon were stopped. At least a dozen people were wounded, and some were left seriously injured.

Our thoughts go out to those who were hurt in the in this tragic event. #PrayForBoston

If you know of anyone affected by the explosions, the Google person finder can help to locate them:
If you would like to help out, see the Boston Children’s Hospital’s Children’s Wish List here:
If you would like to make a donation to help victims, make a donation here with “Boston Marathon” in the message field: 


A bomb has been found and the Boston Police held a controlled explosion in the Mandarin Hotel.

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7 thoughts on “Boston Marathon stopped because of explosions [UPDATE: 5:32 PM 4/15/13]

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