Boston Bruins play emotional game that united the City of Boston

After the Boston Marathon Explosions on Patriots Day (Monday), the City of Boston was pumped to see their favorite hockey team play after Monday’s game was delayed. The stadium got very emotional right from the start, as the whole crowd sung the national anthem along with Rene Rancourt. Everyone at the game or watching from home seemed to be teary eyed. Fans had posters that showed their Boston pride, and the crows engaged in many loud chants. It was a magical time.

Even with the crowd so pumped up, the Bruins just couldn’t find a way to wrap up the game and pull off the win. Daniel Paille scored a goal 5:44 into the game assisted by Chris Kelly, only to be matched by Vanek of the Sabres for the tie. Chris Kelly then scored in the 2nd to give the Bruins the lead. All seemed well for the Bruins, who were leading he Sabres 14-6 in shots on goal in the 3rd. Then, with 27 seconds left, Cody Hodgson scored a power play goal for the Sabres to tie the game. Overtime went by scoreless, and Buffalo prevailed in the shootout.

Even with the loss, there was still good that came out of the game. The Bruins earned a point in the game, enough for them to clinch a playoff spot. The Bruins 2nd line, Marchand-Bergeron-Seguin, played extraordinarily well, even though they didn’t score. Also, the Bruins should be stronger the next time they play with Tuukka Rask in front of the net instead of Anton Khudobin.

Photo Apr 17, 9 58 27 PM

Although the Bruins couldn’t pull off the win, the Bruins game did show the unity of the City of Boston and its people. Brad Marchand called the amount of energy from the stadium “incredible”. Andrew Ference commented, saying that he saw that it was “more than just a game”.

#BostonStrong. Wrong City to Mess With.

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