This Week in Miami Sports: Heat Rolling in First Round Series vs. Bucks, Miami Dolphins New Jerseys Leaked (PHOTO)

This week has to be one of the most exciting weeks in Miami sports this year. Three very important events are going on this week. They are the the start of another championship run for the Miami Heat in this year’s edition of the NBA Playoffs, the upcoming 2013 NFL Draft, and the unveiling and rebranding of the Miami Dolphins and their new jerseys. There is only one problem with the latter statement, the jerseys have already been leaked. In this version of “This Week in Miami Sports”, I will be covering the Heat’s two playoff wins so far and the leaks on the new Miami Dolphins jerseys.

Birdman Spreads his Wings

The player of the series for the Miami Heat has to be without a doubt Chris Andersen. The heavily tatted center for the Miami is finally proving his worth to the teams, doing so in the past two games. In the two playoff games, Birdman has averaged 14.5 minutes of playing time, 10 points, and 6.5 rebounds. He is filling the much needed role spot better than ever.

Bucks G Brandon Jennings claimed that the Bucks would be able to close the series out in 6 against Miami. When Dwyane Wade was asked this, he had absolutely no reaction. He only stated that his team needed to go out there and prove Jennings wrong, to show that they are truly the better team.  So far, the Heat have proven that, as they have taken charge heading into Milwaukee with the 2-0 lead in the series. And by the way, if Brandon Jennings wants to hold true to his blatant statement, the Milwaukee Bucks will need to win the rest of their games in the series.

‘Fins Get New Jerseys


First, the Dolphins’ new logo was leaked ahead of time. Now, the uniform was leaked before the planned date. Displayed with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Minnesota Vikings new jersey for 2013, people took pictures of the much anticipated Dolphins jerseys and immediately posted them on Twitter.  I feel that these jerseys are very good looking and give that feel of a new and old look at the same time. They feature the original aqua the Dolphins used back in the 1970’s, but, in my opinion, lacked orange. The only places where orange is seen on the jersey is in the sun on the logo and the Nike swooshes. I feel that there could have been more orange highlights, or possibly even making the numbers orange. There is no longer the cursive logo, but instead now there is a futuristic looking “Dolphins” print under the NFL logo on the chest. Overall, on the Dolphins new jerseys are very nice and deserve much approval.


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