2013 NBA Playoffs: Overview of Eastern Conference So Far

The 2013 NBA playoffs gotten off to a great start. Some may find these series boring and predictable (Heat-Bucks), while others may see them as unpredictable and exciting (Bulls-Nets). Which ever series you have been keeping a close eye on, it is bound to get good and competitive at one point.

Teams That Have Run Out of Luck: 7 Boston Celtics, 8 Milwaukee Bucks

There is a lot in common between these two teams. Both teams are ranked in the lower half of the East bracket. Both teams are down three games in their series. Both teams have an annoyingly cocky player (Jason Terry and Brandon Jennnings). And they are about to have another thing in common, being swept out of the first round of the 2013 NBA playoffs.

The fate of these two teams is undeniable. The New York Knicks have been playing great basketball against the Celtics, and it is very unlikely that Paul Pierce and crew will be able to steal away a game from the red hot Knicks, despite the game being at home. Bucks G Brandon Jennings made a very bold statement by saying that his team would defeat the Heat in six games. Well with that possibility out of the way, the Heat can finally focus on closing out the series in Milwaukee on Sunday. The likelihood of the Bucks winning game 4 is very low, but if they do, there is no way they will pluck out a win in an unlikely game 5 in Miami.

NBA Finals Contenders: 1 Miami Heat, 2 New York Knicks

These two teams may eventually meet in the Eastern Conference Finals. They are both playing lights out basketball and each own one of the best players in the NBA, the Heat with LeBron James, and the Knicks owning Carmelo Anthony. The Heat have also had role players step up in a great way, namely Chris “Birdman” Andersen, Norris Cole, and Ray Allen. The Knicks have also had Jason Kidd step up in a big way too. Both teams are on track to reach their goal of winning the championship but only one of them can get to the Finals.


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