2013 NFL Draft in Review

The 2013 NFL draft had many surprises, even though it was not as exciting as previous years. The first round put people to sleep, as it was almost all offensive and defensive lineman who were being drafted. The second and third rounds came on day two of the draft, and brought more excitement. On the last day, the no names came out and teams scrambled to fill their final needs. Lets review which teams got the best of the draft, and which players are expected to become stars in the NFL.

New York Jets: Surprisingly, the Jets were big winners in the draft. In the first round, they acquired CB Dee Milliner and DT Sheldon Richardson. In the second round, they acquired QB Geno Smith who was said to be the best quarterback in the draft. Dee Milliner will help an already high level secondary that just suffered the trade of Darrelle Revis to the Buccaneers. He is not expected to replace Revis, but he is expected to strengthen the defense even more. Sheldon Richardson, although a disappointing pick because of the Jets’ offensive needs, will help the Jets pass rush tremendously, thus making their defense that much better.


San Francisco 49ers: The 49ers traded up in the first round to get safety Eric Reid, which takes care of the hole left by Dashon Goldson leaving in free agency. They also acquired DE Cornellius Carradine, TE Vance McDonald, DE Corey Lemonier, WR Quinton Patton, and RB Marcus Lattimore, to name a few. They beefed up their defense by drafting several pass rushers, and drafted an extra tight end to accompany Vernon Davis in Vance McDonald. Marcus Lattimore, who recently came off a bad ACL injury, is a potential Adrian Peterson-like running back who could add much to the team’s ground game.

Green Bay Packers: The major acquisitions here are DE Datone Jones, RB Eddie Lacy, and RB Johnathan Franklin. Datone Jones will hopefully make the pass rush better, and in turn make the secondary’s job easier. Lacy and Franklin are both solid picks, as either one could be the starter next season, and solve the Packers’ problem in the ground game.


Tavon Austin: There’s no doubt that he’ll be the Rams’ number one receiver next season. He’s fast, athletic, and an overall great replacement for Danny Amendola. Look for the Rams to use Austin a lot in their offense.

Tyrann Mathieu: Well, he got drafted. The former Honey Badger (he’s done with that name) is going to be a free safety for the Arizona Cardinals, where he’ll be reunited with his friend and mentor Patrick Peterson. He has unmatched instincts and ball skills, and even though he hasn’t played for a year, he’ll be a force in this strong Cardinals secondary.

Aaron Dobson: You may not know who he is, but he’s in a good position to succeed in the NFL. Dobson is a 6’3″ wide receiver out of Marshall who was drafted by the New England Patriots. He is a big receiver who has great hands and can make big plays. Dobson already has great skills, but paired with Tom Brady, the two can usher in another Randy Moss-like era.

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6 thoughts on “2013 NFL Draft in Review

  1. Dobson will be really good for New England. When a receiver can catch like that and have such great hands, he is going to make in the league no problem. The pick by the Jets on Richardson, I don’t like that so much. He wasn’t that great in my opinion after watching him not do to much in the SEC last year. With going to run a 3-4 defense, they would’ve benefited from someone more of that bigger DT mold.

    • And with a quarterback like Brady, Dobson is set for a great career. On Richardson though, the Jets defensive line is not the best, and they need all the help that they can get. But good point.

      • Yeah with Brady, going to make it a lot easier to be really good. Yeah they do need all the help they can get and D lineman at that pick was the highest value rather than offense, so atleast they did address that need with that at that pick. They still need offensive weapons though or Geno is going to struggle and feel the pressure of NY on his shoulders.

      • I agree, their offense was certainly a bigger concern at the time. But don’t be so sure that Geno Smith wil start with Rex Ryan’s “genius” decisions.

      • Yeah true, who knows what is going to happen with that. Honestly I could Sanchez and Ryan being tied together and if the Jets struggle, which I think they will, I think they’ll be bad, both Sanchez and Ryan will be gone

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