Miami Heat 2nd Round Preview

After sweeping the Milwaukee Bucks in four games, the Miami Heat are now awaiting for the start of the second round of the 2013 NBA Playoffs. The Heat are still unaware of who they will be facing in that round, with the first game of the second round set for Monday, May 6th. The Chicago Bulls and Brooklyn Nets are currently 3-2 in their seven game series, Chicago with the advantage. With a win tonight, the Bulls move on to meet the Heat Monday night at the American Airlines Arena. If Brooklyn wins, they will tie the series at 3 apiece and will send the series to a seventh and final game in the series at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. 

Heat vs. Nets

In my honest opinion, the likelihood of this series happening are slim. The Bulls are up in the series being only one win away from clinching a series against the Heat. And game six is being played in Chicago, so the sixth man will be on the Bulls’ side. But if this so happens to be the Heat’s opponent in the second round, it may turn out to be an interesting one. Brook Lopez matches up well with Chris Bosh. Deron Williams is able to outplay Mario Chalmers any given day. But then again, the x-factor will always be LeBron James. There is no one in the league who can truly match-up to him, the closest are Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony. But the Nets don’t have a KD or Melo. They have Gerald Wallace. The Heat should be able to role in the series, but if they get ahead of themselves as Chicago as seems to have done, things may get ugly.

Series Prediction: 4-1 Miami

Heat vs. Bulls

This series could come down to a man by the name of Derrick Rose. If he decides that he is mentally healthy enough to return, he could be the difference for Chicago. If he does not, which I personally do not think he will, it should be relatively smooth sailing for Miami. The Heat will be looking to avenge their loss to Chicago that snapped their 27-game win streak, the second longest in NBA history, by beating them in the semifinals of the Easter Conference playoffs. Kirk Hinrich, who has greatly stepped up to fill in for the role of the injured Rose, has been sidelined himself with a bruised calf, and if he is out for a possible Miami series, the Bulls could be done for. Nate Robinson has stepped up himself, but it won’t be enough against a dominant Miami Heat team.

Series Prediction: 4-2 Miami


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