Patriots Update: Gronk gets Fourth Surgery, Brady more confident than ever

About a month after the NFL Draft, rookie mini camps are already in session and training camp is about to start. This year the Patriots will have to try to get used to a completely reformed offense, and a (hopefully) better functioning secondary. Two big headlines recently struck though, and both have the potential to affect New England’s success rate.

Tom Brady feels more confident than ever


Tom Brady throwing a pass (Credit:

Ever since the passing of Brady’s former quarterback tutor, Tom Martinez, he has looked to a new tutor in Tom House. Brady said that House corrects little things in his throwing motion, and now he feels better than ever about his mechanics.

For a 3-time superbowl champion who is about to turn 36, this is a huge statement. But given how he looked last season in his flashes of not-so-stellar performances (49ers or Seahawks?), he could be better at times. Even he himself said that he’s gotten away with less-than-perfect performances over the past few years.

“One thing,” he said. He paused. “Well … I hate to … well done is better than well said. I’d rather not say. I want people to watch and see if they notice.

If Brady has gotten better like he said he is, then he should be ripping through opposing defenses as usual regardless of his weak receiving corps next season. We can only hope that what he says is true.

Rob Gronkowski gets fourth surgery on arm

Gronkowski injuring his arm (Credit: Boston Herald)

Gronkowski injuring his arm (Credit: Boston Herald)

Now for some bad news. Gronk recently got his fourth surgery on his arm and he is likely to have surgery on his back, which could limit the number of games he plays next season.

The good part? The surgery was successful and the infection in his arm is gone. He is also set to visit his doctor in 3-4 weeks to talk about a possible back surgery. Also, he could be back in time for training camp (don’t get your hopes up though; it’s still a strong maybe).

Gronkowski was obviously not at 100% last season, as he was not able to get proper separation from defenders, he was not able to outmuscle defenders, and he was much slower than usual.

He is a critical part of the offense especially in the red zone, as the Patriots’ production goes up tremendously within 20 yards when he is on the field. The possible loss of Gronk next season could be a huge hit to the team, and its not like the offensive receiving corps doesn’t need much help as it is.

The recent news on Gronk is relieving, but there is still a possibility that he could miss part of the season. If he can’t stay healthy, then the Patriots’ offense and team as a whole could be in trouble.

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