Boston Bruins win tough game to get 3-0 series lead over the New York Rangers

Everything was against the Bruins in Game 3. Everyone expected the Rangers to win out of desperation and urgency and push the series to a Game 6 or 7. Everything was going well for the Rangers in the first period. The Bruins played sloppily, the referees were on their side, and the New York fans were cheering loudly for their team. A win for them seemed imminent.

It obviously didn’t happen that way.

The Bruins’ fourth line showed up big in the Bruins’ triumphant game over the Rangers. Shawn Thorton had 2 points in a playoff game for the first time in his career, and Daniel Paille was the first star of the game with a score and an assist. Johnny Boychuk had the other goal of the game.

During the first period, the Rangers looked like they were in command, moving the puck and playing with an obvious sense of urgency. They set out to take out key Bruins players, such as Brad Marchand and Zdeno Chara, and Lundqvist made some phenomenal saves on the Rangers’ end.

Going into the second, the Rangers were confident and scored a goal on Rask off a good screen and a well placed shot from McDonagh, which made the MSG fans cheer louder and harder than ever before.


Thorton celebrates after Paille scored the game winning goal (credit: Bleacher Report)

The Bruins played harder and more urgently than ever before after the Rangers’ goal, and Johnny Boychuk tied the game in the third on a well aimed wrist shot. The Bruins scored again off a weird rebound off of Lundqvist and fended off the Rangers for the rest of the period.

The Bruins have proved their worth so far in the series and have shown that they are the better team in the series. They showed that they could win against the Rangers when the Rangers were at their best and most desperate. All they need to do is play with the same intensity and the high level that they have been playing at throughout the series. If the Rangers fail again to find a way to win, the Bruins will be going to the Eastern Conference Finals in no time.

Fun Fact: The last time the Bruins were up 3-0 in a series against the Rangers was 1939, and the Bruins went on to win the Stanley Cup two weeks later.

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