A look into the NBA Western Conference Finals

After a strong showing at home, the San Antonio Spurs find themselves in the same position they were a year ago. With a 2-0 series lead, they are just two games away from getting another shot at a NBA title. So how do they avoid another collapse like they had a season ago against the Oklahoma City Thunder?

Game Two did not result in a win for the visiting Memphis Grizzlies, but it did give them hope. They came out of San Antonio knowing that they can compete with them, as they rallied late to almost win. In overtime, Tim Duncan and Tony Parker proved to be too much, but the Grizzlies still have to feel confident like they did against the Los Angeles Clippers in the opening round when they fell behind 0-2.

The biggest story out of Memphis so far this postseason has been the struggles of Zach Randolph, surprising and disappointing every fantasy basketball owner. The inside threat has mostly failed to live up to expectations after a strong playoffs so far this year. San Antonio is a smart defensive team, and they are forcing the Grizzlies to make perimeter jumpers. So far, that hasn’t worked, but things could change in Memphis.

Due to a quirk in the scheduling, there is a huge gap between games two and three. While some might think the Spurs would love to keep their momentum going, the older team that relies on stars well into their 30s can use the time to regroup for road battles. The Spurs know that stealing just one game on the road could practically wrap up the series.

Going forward, expect both teams to make some adjustments obviously, but it just seems like the Spurs have a better idea on what to do out there. They are getting open looks from the perimeter, and they are a much better shooting team. With so much size and skill inside, the game will be won on the perimeter. That, along with the coaching edge Gregg Popovich provides, will allow the Spurs to win in six games.

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