Bruins win 3-1 to advance to the next round

The Boston Bruins outfought and outplayed the New York Rangers to win 3-1.

The Bruins’ fourth line, or the “Merlot Line”, was the most productive line in creating opportunities and scoring. Gregory Campbell had two goals on two shots and two hits. Shawn Thorton had an assist and a good fight against the Rangers’ Dorsett to give the Bruins the energy and excitement they needed.

Torey Krug had another great night, scoring one goal from the right side, a laser slap shot that hit top shelf. The young defenseman also had many other great defensive plays, and was all over the ice as usual. Krug is no doubt the MVP of the series with a goal in four out of five games in the series.

Torey Krug

Torey Krug celebrating after scoring a goal in Game 5 (Credit: NHL)

The Bruins won Game 5 with their puck support, which played a key role in all of their games. Their ability to defend in their zone and to get the puck out of their zone in the toughest of moments shut down the Rangers’ attack and won them the game.

The best example of this was with 3 minutes left in the third period, when the Rangers were desperate for a goal. The Rangers pulled Lundqvist and struggled to get a shot on Rask, and the Bruins maneuvered the puck out of their zone and Campbell scored on the empty net to make it 3-1.

Bruins celebrate

Bruins celebrate after scoring a goal in Game 5 (Credit: Boston Globe)

The Bruins couldn’t have done it without the fans though. The level of excitement in TD Garden and the enthusiasm of the Boston fans kept the Bruins energized and optimistic.

Despite the fact that the Bruins won out the series 4-1, it was still a hard fought series. Lundqvist was on point for most of the series, making the job for the Bruins’ offense that much harder. The B’s were noticeably tired at times, as they had to fight hard to even get good chances on goal.

It might have seemed like a long and hard series, but the worst is still to come. The Bruins face the Pittsburg Penguins (who closed out their series versus Ottawa yesterday) in the Eastern Conference finals, who have been a strong contender with excellent performances from Evgeny Malkin, Sidney Crosby, and Kris Letang. The West side of the playoffs is also very strong, with the L.A. Kings and the Detroit Red Wings looking stronger than ever. It’s a tough road ahead, but the Bruins have shown they have the talent and the will to win.

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