Writer Introduction: Surya

Hey guys, I’m Surya and I’ll be the new soccer writer for Big Play Nation. I’ve lived and been raised in South Florida all my life and have been influenced a lot by the cultural diversity here. So logically, i started playing soccer, I fell in love with the sport when i was about 13 and I’ve been an insane follower ever since. I’m one of those guys that gets decked out in full gear to watch a big match and screams at the referee through the TV but then again,  most sports fans do that. My favorite team at the club level is FC Bayern Munich, who also won the UEFA Champions league recently! And at the national level, I support the Good ol’             U S of A. My all time favorite player is as cliche as it gets: Cristiano Ronaldo, although Clint Dempsey is pretty high up there too. I play club and varsity soccer for school and am a midfielder by trade so obviously, I enjoy watching every aspect of the game.

So thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more posts!


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