Heat Blowout Pacers in Game 7 of Series, Clinch Match-up with Spurs in NBA Finals

After an embarrassing Game 6 loss in Indiana, some started to really doubt the Heat’s chances of winning Game 7 over the Pacers, even with the home court advantage. Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade have struggled all series, and many analysts thought that we would see more of the same in the final game of the Eastern Conference Finals. With Bosh and Wade’s ineffectiveness, many compared the Heat to when LeBron was on the Cavaliers. James himself even said that he felt like he was in Cleveland again.

But the analysts were wrong. Dead wrong.

James went on to play his usual ways of dominance, scoring 32 with 8 rebounds. Dwyane Wade stepped up to the plate and had his strongest showing of the entire series, scoring 2 points of his own in the process.Although he wasn’t a big impact scoringwise, making only 9 points, Bosh came up with some huge rebounds, totaling 8 boards.

The Miami Heat defeated the Pacers 99-76, and win the Eastern Conference Championship for a third straight time, along with a bid in the 2013 NBA Finals against the red hot San Antonio Spurs, who are coming off of four game sweep of the Memphis Grizzlies en route to a Western Conference Championship. Game 1 of The Finals is on Thursday, June 6th in Miami.

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