Boston Bruins vs. Pittsburgh Penguins Game 3 Preview

After a blowout win Monday night, the Bruins looked like they were in a better position than ever to win the series. Game 3 will be at TD Garden in Boston, where they will have the fans behind them and the momentum in the series.

Is there really any hope for Pittsburgh?

The answer, if they continue to play their game style, is no. The fact of the matter is that the Penguins don’t play to a style that matches well with the Bruins’ playing style. The Penguins like to play more West-coast styled, with free-flowing open skating and passing. The Bruins play a much more East-styled game, which means tight play and physicality. Through their confrontational approach and tight playing, the Bruins were able to shut down Pittsburgh’s stars.

But will switching style of play really make a difference? The Penguins tried to be much more physical than the Bruins on Monday, and actually registered nearly twice the amount of hits as the Bruins. The B’s were not bothered by this though, and actually played a more free flowing type of game to accommodate, which won the game for them.

So how does Pittsburgh go about trying to win Game 3? The most important thing for them is to stop complaining and just play the game. Sidney Crosby whined to the media all weekend before Monday’s game, and continued to do so afterwards. His excuses may be plentiful, but his performance is really to blame. Crosby got a mere two shots on goal on Monday, and Crosby and Malkin combined for a mere seven.

The Boston Bruins, on the other game, have their path to the finals already set out for them. They know how to deal with the Penguins and how to contain their star players. Their top-tier defense can handle whatever gets thrown their way. If the Penguins don’t figure out a way to handle the Bruins soon, then they could soon be watching the playoffs from home.

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