Tim Tebow signed by the New England Patriots

Surprise? Not if you’ve been paying attention (we even said New England is a perfect fit for Tebow).

The New England Patriots and Tim Tebow have agreed to a two-year, $1.36M deal that includes no guarantees and playtime incentives. If he chooses to switch positions in the 2014 season, he will sign a new contract that will likely include more money and allow for more playtime. Tebow will not have a press conference on the signing and his role is predicted to be kept to a minimum in the next season, that is, if he makes the roster.

Tebow was signed as a quarterback by the Patriots, but his role will most likely end up as a fullback-type utility player. There is no way he will make the roster now as a quarterback with Tom Brady and Ryan Mallet secured in. Tebow will have to accept that he will not be a quarterback, much less a starting one, and embrace his role as a utility player in order to make the roster.

So why did Bill Belichick sign Tim Tebow? Because he can. Other teams were scared away from Tebow because of the circus that came with him. The Patriots are the only team that can handle the media attention that comes with Tim Tebow because of their way with dealing with situations. Nothing is more important than the team in New England, and no one is bigger than Tom Brady.

I’ll be interested to see how this turns out. Meanwhile, we’ll keep you updated.

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