The Mourinho Saga


So it’s that time of the year again. Soccer fans around the world kneel before whatever being they worship hoping against hope that their team signs the hottest new player or manager. By far the most interesting move so far is by Jose Mourinho’s return to Chelsea. “The Special One” has hinted throughout the past season at Real Madrid that he would like to return to where he is “loved” and “known”. A series of controversial actions last season led to his notorious exodus from The Bernebeu.

The Casillas Catastrophe:

Well it wasn’t necessarily a catastrophe. The title just sounded cool. But the Casillas drama made headlines across Madrid when Mourinho opted for winter signing Diego Lopez instead of Madrid’s long standing #1. To be fair, Casillas broke his wrist pretty badly and Diego Lopez’s performances definitely held water. On the other hand, Casillas has become something of a household name globally and his time on the bench wasn’t something that was received well. After making a comeback from injury, San Iker fell out with Mou and didn’t play for the rest of the season.


Relationship With Pepe:

This was a little surprising because its always seemed like Pepe and Mou had a pretty close relationship. The controversial manager stood by his even more controversial defender throughout the various red cards, fouls, and on-pitch antics. A spectacular example of which was his stomp on Lionel Messi’s hand during El Clasico. Now however, Pepe initiated the short, heated press confrontation when he defended Iker Casillas from Mourinho’s decision of benching him. Mourinho responded with a biting response “Pepe has a problem, his name is Raphael Varane”, referencing the talented French centerback who had been showing solid performances while playing in Pepe’s stead.


The Outcome:

The move to Chelsea has long been predicted by soccer gurus worldwide, but no one knew for sure if it would come true. Chelsea have been in dire need of a strong manager since Roman Abramovich sacked Roberto DiMatteo in the earlier part of the season and appointed Rafa Benitez as an interim manager. Now, Benitez isn’t someone that’s particularly loved by the Chelsea fans, which is understandable since his predecessor won the Champions League after only a short time in charge against what is arguably the best team in the world right now. Mourinho’s return to Chelsea is something that has been anticipated for a long time. Time alone can tell us if it will be as successful as his first stint in London.

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