Miami Heat Live to Play Another Game After Instant Classic

Many doubted Miami’s chance of winning the title after being downed in San Antonio in Game 5. Even down to the last minutes, seconds even, Miami had their back against the ropes. But they responded in an extraordinary way.

Starting out hot, the Heat lead by as much 7. Everybody was playing great, from stars like Dwyane Wade and LeBron James, to role players like Mike Miller, who got the start in place of Udonis Haslem. 

The Heat then started to cool down as the Spurs got on fire themselves. San Antonio went on a run mid-2nd quarter that lasted until the duration of the 1st half. Even when the 3rd quarter started, momentum was still in the Spurs favor. San Antonio went on to lead by as much as 13, the largest lead by either team in the game.

Game 6 was filled with many blown calls and missed calls that favored the Spurs. These calls were so horrendous that it almost cost Miami’s chance in the game. Miami though, was able to find their way back in the 4th quarter, with a headbandless LeBron James leading the way. Miami came back to lead by as much as 4 in the final minutes of the game. 

The Heat were not able to hold on to this lead for long though, as the Spurs surged back to lead by as much as 5. Coming back down court, LeBron James had the ball in hand in the closing seconds. After a three that was way off, the ball came back in his direction, and Mike Miller was able to direct the ball LeBron’s way, as James made the pull-up three to be within 2. 

The Spurs then inbounded the ball, but Miami quicky fouled Kawhi Leonard. Leonard then went to the free throw line, making only one of two, putting Miami down by three. The Heat came down court looking for a three with barely any time left, desperate to keep their season and championship hopes alive. They trusted these hope with LeBron, as he took a three with about 11 seconds left, but was off. Miami then scrambled for the ball and Chris Bosh was able to kick it out to Ray Allen, who backed up two steps and let the three ball fly in front of a contesting Tony Parker. The three was made, and confirmed after a review, with only 4.7 seconds left in the game. The Spurs took a timeout to inbound the ball at half court, but it didn’t help much as Tony Parker was not able to make a desperate fadeaway in the final seconds, thus bringing the game to overtime. 

In OT, San Antonio started to pull ahead but Miami kept them within grasp. Down 99-100, LeBron James took a pull-up perimeter shot, putting the Heat ahead 101-100. It stayed this way for much of overtime. San Antonio attempted to pull ahead with a Kawhi Leonard fadeaway, but it was blocked. It was then caught by Tony Parker. He attempted to take a shot, but it was blocked by Chris Bosh, and San Antonio was called for a shot clock violation. 

The Spurs tried to gain the lead again, as Manu Ginobili tried to go for a layup in the final seconds, but was heavily guarded by both Ray Allen and Dwyane Wade. Allen was able to strip to ball out, and was immediately fouled with 1.9 seconds left. Being in the penalty, Miami was advanced to the free throw line, having one of the best free throw shooter of all time on the line. Ray Allen sunk both free throws to make the game 103-100, and San Antonio followed up with a timeout.

With the timeout, San Antonio was advanced to half court with 1.9 seconds left. Needing a three, the Spurs inbounded the ball, and passed it to Danny Green, who has been hot all series behind the arc. As he pulled up for the three, Chris Bosh made a clutch all ball block on Green to end the game. The final score was 103-100, with the series all tied up at 3. The final NBA game of the season will be on Thursday night, as Miami will be looking to get a 2nd straight title, and San Antonio will try to add to their dynasty. 

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