Boston Bruins fall to Chicago Blackhawks in Game 5, 3-1 [WARNING: STRONGLY OPINIONATED]

If you’re a Chicago fan, stop reading and leave now.

First off, let me say that that was the most poorly officiated game that I’ve ever seen in my life. The Blackhawks took so many obvious cheap shots right in front of the officials, and the officials refused to call anything for the Bruins. When a Bruin player slightly lifts up his stick, they get called out for roughing the quarterback or a double dribble (sarcasm).

I wasn't aware that you could take a player and throw him into the net like that legally. Thanks Patrick Kane

I wasn’t aware that you could take a defenseless player and throw him into the net like that legally. Thanks Patrick Kane

There are two perfect examples of this. The first was when Michael Handzus was called out for diving after being defended by Nathan Horton, but they were both sent to the box with matching penalties. Really??? If you look back on the replay, Horton never made any attempt to trip Handzus, and Handzus’ dive was really quite obvious. Still, Horton was sent to the box because the referees felt like being unfair.

The second example of the referees being biased was when Patrick Kane decided to slash Milan Lucic in the face. Yes, he intentionally slashed Lucic’s face, and yes, it was bleeding. It was right in front of the official with no previous contact from either player. Lucic was obviously hurt and Kane was obviously high sticking and knocking Lucic’s face out. But still, no call because the referees were paid out by the Blackhawks.

Secondly, I have to say that the Blackhawks are annoying, wimpy players. Jonathan Toews just had to throw a jab at Chara, saying that he was a bad defenseman, and that Chicago “exposed” him. How many real (as in not lucky) goals you scored in this series Toews? Oh yea, none. How many bone-crushing hits did the Bruins deliver on you? Oh yea, a lot.


Chara likes to destroy his haters in his free time

Also, is it just me or is the whole entire Blackhawks team cringing at every contact (or non contact) with a Bruins player hoping to draw a penalty? Bickel was out there over-exaggerating every single hit, and he looked like LeBron out there when Chara accidentally touched him (flop flop flop). Patrick Kane, in the meantime, was taking every cheap shot that he could because he knew the referees weren’t going to call him on anything anyways.

Lastly, the Bruins brought this loss upon themselves too. They usually fight their way through every situation, whether things are going their way or not, but tonight they seemed tired and beat. They couldn’t maintain possession of the puck, tripped up constantly in the neutral zone, and didn’t attack the net. They seemed like they tried to make everything perfect before they proceeded, and that caused many missed opportunities in the offensive zone. The loss of Patrice Bergeron was a huge one, as the Bruins looked almost lost without him. Brad Marchand looked especially terrible as he had no competent centerman to feed him.

The Bruins better get their act together, and start breaking the Blackhawks’ spirit. And if the referees don’t wise up before Monday then the Blackhawks will win the cup on bad calls.


2 thoughts on “Boston Bruins fall to Chicago Blackhawks in Game 5, 3-1 [WARNING: STRONGLY OPINIONATED]

  1. I agree with your non-call observations. The Kane should’ve been given a penalty for highsticking. Not sure if the stick was intentional like you suggest. Anyway, Hawks fans like me have been complaining about a lot of no calls. Sharp got a stick in the face in game 2 that wasn’t called. Shaw’s been cross-checked in the face twice, and the offending Bruins were only given two-minute minors. I thought both penalties should’ve been given four minutes. If this would’ve happened to a Bruin, you guys would be screaming bloody murder. Besides the Bergeron hit on Toews, the Bruins have been doing a ton of headhunting. The more they lose momentum, the higher their hits become. Saad was held in front of the net in game 4, impeding his chance to make a play. Kruger got roughed up in front of the net in game 5. He was pushed into Rask by a Bruin, and then he was manhandled by said Bruin for being pushed into Rask. And the Bruins keep hitting after the whistle. Plus the Hawks had a goal taken away from them in game 2! The series actually should’ve ended on Saturday. If the Hawks win the cup on Monday (or Wednesday) it’s because they were the better team in the series, not because of bad calls. Nevertheless, keep writing! I enjoyed reading your write up. Best of everything to you.

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