NFL: Top Quarterbacks of the Future

With a change of the guard going on in the NFL, it is always interesting to look ahead to the future. Which quarterbacks will be the class of the league down the road, leading their team to possible Super Bowl runs? Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees have been at the top of this type of list forever, but with their prime coming to an end, it is time to look at the future.

Aaron Rodgers

Many don’t realize that Aaron Rodgers is just 29 years of age, which means that he still has a solid 4-5 seasons left at the top of the game. Since he is already at the top of the NFL, he is the easy choice to be the quarterback everyone strives to be. Green Bay is a solid franchise that does what it needs to build around their talent, so expect them to be a Super Bowl contender every single season, Rodgers to star and the inevitable barrage of poor puns in funny fantasy football team names to make puns on his name.

Russell Wilson

Could Russell Wilson actually be the best quarterback out of a loaded class of 2012? There are concerns about his size long-term, and the fact that he will run the ball and take some chances with his legs, but he makes outstanding decisions with the ball. It also helps that he has a loaded supporting cast. Percy Harvin joins the team, and he will give Wilson a great receiver to target during tough downs.

Cam Newton

Matt Ryan is more established and Andrew Luck has a ton of hype, but Cam Newton showed in the second half of last season that he is ready to take the next step. He has perhaps the best physical tools in the game, and he is showing poise each game that should equal a lot of wins for his team. Carolina has some pieces right now that could get them into the playoffs, but looking forward, changes will be made regarding Newton and/or the Panthers. In fact, he seems the most likely out of franchise quarterbacks to possibly be drafted or moved to another team. Still, he should be a great quarterback for the next several years, regardless of how his team looks.

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