Fernandez Shines Again in Shutout Vs. San Diego

As he has been doing almost all year, Jose Fernandez threw another gem last night against the San Diego Padres. The 20 year old rookie is looking more and more like the frontrunner for the Miami Marlins all-star player. Just one more start like he had against the Padres, and he will lock up that spot for sure.

For the second time this season, Fernandez threw ten strikeouts. This is his career high, and the first time came in a match up against the St. Louis Cardinals. Fernandez went eight innings, his season high, and allowed only two hits and one walk.

Although he could have had a complete game, but manager Mike Redmond pulled Fernandez out of the game, despite him begging to finish the game. Miami has an inning/pitch limit for the season to preserve his productivity throughout his career, though the Marlins have put Fernandez in late inning situations lately, going as much as seven innings, and last night, eight. This is most likely to give him a taste of what it is like late in the game so he does not freeze when he is put to complete a game.

Another highlight of Fernandez’ in the game was after a line drive was hit straight at him. He promptly raised up his glove and caught the ball for an out. This just adds to how important of a player Fernandez is, showing he has defensive skills as well.


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