Summer Transfer News: Part One

This summer has been jam packed with huge transfers and big money signings. The reintroduction of Jose Mourinho to Chelsea has left many wondering what the Portuguese boss will do to add firepower to the former Champions League victors. In other news, PSG has lost its place as the biggest spender on the transfer market for this coming season. Who has taken that spot you ask? Well, another good ‘ol French Ligue 1 team by the name of AS Monaco. As you could probably figure out, Monaco has the financial backing of another ultra-rich Arab oil sheikh.

AS Monaco Signings:

The French Club have been successful in signing most of Europe’s most coveted players this summer. New arrivals to the French club include Colombian Striker Radamel Falcao, who completed a $52.8 million transfer from Atletico Madrid in the Spanish Liga.


Other notable signings this summer by AS Monaco include Ricardo Carvalho from Real Madrid, Joao Moutinho and James Rodriguez from FC Porto, and Eric Abidal from Barcelona who did not have his contract renewed after his recent bout with liver cancer. We can hope to see some spectacular soccer from this AS Monaco side who have spent the big bucks trying to bring top players into their midst. Can we really say they failed?


English Premier League:

Now the EPL is always home to some crazy transfer rumors and plot twists? Anyone remember the Robin Van Persie affair? Arsene Wenger almost killed himself over that one. Now, because of the Flying Dutchman’s transfer to league champions Manchester United, Wayne Rooney has lost his starting spot and is now looking to leave the North English club. Now with Chelsea chasing him down and Jose Mourinho not-so-subtly hinting that he’d love to sign the striker, Manchester United are prone to lose one of their key figures. imagesCA4177M7

Not that they’d be gaining one at the current moment though. Since new boss David Moyes has already lost the race to sign Spanish wonderkid Thiago Alacantra to Pep Guardiola’s ultra powerful Bayern Munich side, he has also doubled his efforts to sign another Spanish legend: Cesc Fabregas from Barcelona. Moyes didn’t offer enough the first time to buy Fabregas out of his contract, but that hasn’t stopped the Englishman yet. Moyes has placed a second offer on Fabregas’s head that Barcelona have yet to approve or reject. Cesc+Fabregas+Malaga+CF+FC+Barcelona+Copa+AuYh1iFd9QAx[1]

After the absolute mess that had been made out of Louis Suarez’s on-field and off-field antics, the Liverpool genius is set to leave the club after tons of bad publicity. Clubs that are chasing him down include Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal. Now, realistically speaking, what are the chances that the club will sign him? No one knows for sure, but one this for certain, Wenger wants Suarez. After and initial bid that was laughably a joke, the Arsenal boss sent an increased offer of $35 million to Liverpool who will be hard pressed to maintain its resolve.

Uruguay v Tahiti: Group B - FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013


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