Patriots 31 Eagles 22 Preseason 2013 Week 1 Takeaways

After looking terrific in practice this week, the Patriots’ offense has shined through in the Preseason opener. The other parts of the team on the other hand, don’t look so great. Meanwhile, both Vick and Foles have shined through in Chip Kelly’s new system in Philly. Here are some things we learned from Friday’s game.

Tom Brady was on point. No doubt. He started the game for the Patriots, playing two drives. The first drive was all running, and the second drive Tommy got to show off a little bit. He was 7/8 for 68 yards and seemed to get used to targeting his new young receiving corps. He had a few nice passes to Kenbrell Thomkins and a perfect 23 yard pass to Aaron Dobson before passing 15 yards to Shane Vereen for the touchdown.


Nick Foles is creating good competition for Mike Vick. Vick was terrific in the game, getting a touchdown throw to Desean Jackson early in the game. But Nick Foles also looked sharp, and was 5/6 for 43 yards. He had a few nice passes and a great scramble right up the middle of the field for a first down.


LeGarrette Blount was phenomenal. In his Patriots debut, Blount rushed for 101 yards and 2 touchdowns on just 11 carries. The most notable of these was his  51 yard touchdown run where he first headed toward the left, and turned around towards the middle of the field where he cut a path to the endzone. Blount demonstrated not only the strength and power that he is known for but also speed and quickness in this game.

Patriots’ backup quarterbacks did not impress. But who really needs to anyway  when you’ve got Brady at the helm. Ryan Mallet was 9/18 and showed flashes of excellence but was inaccurate most of the time and could not keep a drive going. Tim Tebow was… well he was Tim Tebow. The Patriots designed a set of read-option plays specifically for him, and he occasionally shined through on these plays. It was up and down for him with great plays followed by horrible decision-making leading to terrible results. But the team didn’t lose faith in him, as Stevan Ridley said, “Tim’s a winner.”

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