NFL Playoffs: Debunking the Myths

This year’s playoffs are a real treat. Not only were we given a great wild card weekend, but the conference championships are set to be great, and possibly historic, games. But this year’s playoffs are also special for an entirely different reason. Several odd streaks came to an end this year, and we’ll show you some that can stay alive.

Since 2006, the NFC Champion has played the New England Patriots during the regular season. This would limit the group to two teams: the Carolina Panthers and the New Orleans Saints. Both, though, have been eliminated in the divisional round. Too bad (though neither of the teams played well enough to deserve the game this weekend).

Also, since 2009, the Super Bowl Champion has played the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 1. Who was it this year you may ask? None other than the San Diego Chargers.

San Diego was supposed to be the team of destiny this year. Even yours truly was fooled. They were on a hot streak coming into the playoffs and barely made it in. They eliminated the Cincinnati Bengals, and Philip Rivers was supposed to take down the mighty Peyton Manning. Well it didn’t happen, obviously. In a mediocre offensive performance, the Broncos dominated the Chargers and earned the right to move on to the AFC Championship.

Want another interesting statistic? For the past three years, the Super Bowl winner has played on Wild Card Weekend. That’s the Packers in 2011, the Giants in 2012, and the Ravens in 2013.

What does this mean? If you’re superstitious it means that the 49ers are going to win the Super Bowl this year. But the previous two streaks were ended, so don’t count on this one holding up, especially with Kaepernick and the gang heading up to Seattle this weekend…

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