The Marlins Sign Giancarlo Stanton for 1 Year, $6.5 Million. What Does This Mean?

The Miami Marlins recently signed young slugger Giancarlo Stanton for a year with pay of 6.5 million dollars in order to avoid arbitration. Things would have gotten ugly if arbitration had to kick in because the Marlins would have had to pay Giancarlo an insane amount they would not like. But there are ideas that can be made out from this.

One huge one is that the Marlins look as if they are going to fail in extending the promising star to a multi-year contract, as that was supposed to be one of their main focuses this offseason. The Fish claim to be all in on Giancarlo and refuse to let him go, but the feeling may not be mutual. Giancarlo is aware that the Marlins have not been good, and it would make sense that he would think his talent does not belong with such a lackluster team.

Another idea that stems out from the one year signing is that the Marlins want to evaluate Giancarlo for a year before giving him a multi-year extension that he can get from any other team, such as the Dodgers or Yankees. While Giancarlo looks well on his way to being a star player, so much as, even though it is still quite early in his young career, that he may become the career home run leader in MLB history, something he has much potential for, he has been injury ridden through his three and a half year career. From knee injuries that required surgery, to quad strains that leave him out for days or weeks, Giancarlo has not had a season where he was able to avoid the disabled list. Coming into Spring Training in his healthiest form in his career, the Marlins will look to see if their young slugger can avoid getting hurt and have an effective full season, one where he can have in the range of 40-60 homers. The problem with the Marlins doing this is that if Giancarlo does have a standout season, teams will be more interested and they will likely be able to outbid the Marlins for him.

Finally, the signing for only a year may also be because Stanton wants to evaluate the team himself. Giancarlo is fully aware that the Marlins want him and Jose Fernandez to be their franchise players, so if he is to be bestowed such a position, he should be granted the right to see what type of team he is going to be playing on. The Marlins made major roster changes this offseason in an effort to make a playoff run, and perhaps try to impress Giancarlo and convince him to stay. Well, if the Marlins do indeed make a playoff run, Giancarlo may be impressed enough to sign and extension in order to be a leader on what could become a championship caliber team. 


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