Last-minute thoughts before SBXLVIII

With the most climactic game of the season coming up tomorrow night, we felt the need to write some final words. Here are some quick thoughts before the final game of the 2013 season, Super Bowl 48.


  • This game could easily go either way based on a few key matchups.
  • Something to watch out for is how the Broncos’ receivers handle the one on one matchups with the Seahawks corners.
  • Denver’s defense is highly underrated. Their rush defense is stout, and if they can shut down Marshawn Lynch, it’ll be pretty hard for Seattle to win.
  • It should be interesting to see how Peyton Manning will attack Seattle’s no-disguise defense.
  • Overall, this is gonna be a close and exciting one.
  • This game has some major legacy implications too. If Peyton Manning wins, he’ll be considered the greatest of all time (see my take on this here). If Seattle wins, it could be the beginning of a dynasty
  • It’s amazing how the season went by so quickly. It seemed like yesterday that I was getting excited about watching the season opener.
  • Monday will be the start of the offseason, or the football withdrawal period. So, enjoy every last second of football while it lasts..
  • I’m just about that action boss.


  • The best matchup, in my opinion, is the most obvious, Sherman vs. DT, it’ll be interesting to see if Thomas will do anything to shake off the best cornerback in the league.
  • Russell Wilson needs to step up big, because Marshawn Lynch won’t be able to do everything on his own.
  • It’ll be interesting to see how the rest of LOB matches up on the amazing corps of receivers Denver has.
  • Despite Denver having so many great receivers, the dual threat of Knowshon Moreno and Montee Ball will be a great factor as well.
  • Will Percy Harvin be able to avoid injury? If so he will make great impact in the game.
  • As much as I personally hate to say it, this game’s main star is Peyton Manning. The way he plays in this game determines how he is seen throughout his legacy. If he wins, he is the GOAT. If he loses, he will solely be known as one of the greatest to do it who couldn’t quite get it done in the postseason.


  • Mr. Manning will have to face both the best defense in the league and the crazy low temperatures. This may be one of the biggest tests of his career.
  • As I said, it’s cold. Lynch, as good as he is, can’t carry the offense in that weather. Look for a lot of balls in the air.
  • Which group of fans will prevail here? The neutral field may leave the “12th man” on the bench.
  • As Preston said, this game will either be part of Manning’s legacy or the beginning of a possible Seahawks dynasty.
  • Will Sherman and the Seahawks secondary be able to take advantage of the cold weather forcing more passes?

Have fun and enjoy the last game for 6 months!

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