Russia Defeats Germany after Explosion of Goals in 3rd Period

For the first period, and half of the second, it looked like Russia was going to seal the game up one way or another despite no scoring from either side through that time. Russia was dominating the puck and for every German shot, Russia shot three. But an easy goal by German forward Franziska Busch, turned momentum around. The home crowd, which was very into the game, became dead silent after the goal. The Russians would not get another shot off during the period, and Germany got the last eight shots of the period.

German goalie Viona Harrer was a wall in front of the net, and her defensewomen were great as well, blocking shots left and right for the first two periods. But after Iya Gavrilova, wearing the famous number eight of her favorite player and Russian counterpart Alex Ovechkin, got a goal that just barely got past Harrer, the momentum immediately switched back to the Russian side.The crowed was on their feet, cheering on their home team. The Russians got another goal, in 38 seconds no less, from Olga Sosina, which gave Russia the lead and left Germany with absolutely no momentum at all. Germany was showing they had no gas left in the tank, and the Russians took full advantage, going on to score two more goals to win the game of a score 4-1.

If this game showed anything, its that we are going to have one exciting Olympic Hockey Tournament.


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