FIFA: Is the US really getting better?

It’s the perennial question: “Can the USA actually play soccer?”. Coming from a huge US Soccer Federation fan, I’d like to say yes, but in reality, we’re still a developing soccer nation (third world if you will). With the introduction of Jurgen Klinsmann in 2011, the USA has had a tremendous upswing in their game. A semi-flawless World Cup qualification campaign saw the Americans land a berth in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The next challenge will be getting out of Group G in one piece. With competition like Germany, Portugal, and Ghana, the chances of the Americans making it to elimination play is very slim. But the Americans continue to struggle to the top. Most recently, a makeshift American team assembled for a friendly against and equally makeshift Mexico which resulted in a 2-2 draw. Jurgen Klinsmann seems to be testing out younger players and giving MLS players a chance to show their skills before he has to submit his preliminary 30 man roster for the World Cup this summer.


Big news in the roster, for now at least, is the commitment of Julian Green to his country of birth. Green, whose mother is German and whose father is American chose to commit his international future to the Americans after Jurgen Klinsmann and Andreas Herzog spent months trying to convince him. The Bayern Munich winger will provide a much needed boost to the American squad this summer if he makes the cut. Plenty of dual-citizenship players have made their mark on USSF history including but no limited to: Mixx Diskeruud, Terrence Boyd, Aron Johansson, Jermaine Jones, and Joe Corona.


So is the US national team getting better? I would say yes. The Americans have all the necessary ingredients coming into place at the right time. They have the perfect mix of experience and youth, and a manager that knows how to tie it all in together. Plenty of talent and hard work are all making the US into a team to watch in this world cup.


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