Should you see ‘Draft Day’?

By now, if you haven’t already seen the movie ‘Draft Day’, you’ve probably already heard a lot of things about it. You may have heard that it was a great movie with a great storyline that was surprisingly realistic, or you could have heard that the whole movie was a fake, and that it’s not relatable at all to what the NFL’s Draft Day is really like (as Andrew Brandt illustrated).

(Don’t worry, NO spoilers)

The truth is that the movie was meant to be an entertaining story about the workings about the NFL Draft, nothing more, nothing less. It was never meant to be extremely informational, otherwise the producers would make a documentary. It was never meant to be widely dramatic either; the screenplay wasn’t too far fetched and there were no guns or secret agents involved.

But the fact that the movie skidded in the middle between being a dramatic movie and being factual probably made it mundane and irritating to some people. Sports movies are typically either action based, with extensive slow motion shots of gameplay with inspirational music playing in the background, or fully factual, as seen by movies produced by ESPN or NFL Films.

Personally, I enjoyed the movie ‘Draft Day’. I didn’t have high expectations going in, but I came out satisfied. The movie was entertaining, and although dry and slow at times, the feeling of suspense was always there. Kevin Costner was definitely a selling point for this movie, and he did not disappoint. I thought the film did a great job portraying (some of) the struggles a GM experiences, such as whether to draft an unpopular but proven prospect or a popular but unfavorable prospect that will make the fans happy.

Another thing that I would note is that the movie does not get technical into “football lingo” at all. As long as you loosely follow football and know what the word “salary cap” means, you’re fine. That being said, ‘Draft Day’ is not a normal sports movie in that it does not portray one of the more popular parts of football; so if you don’t know anything about football, don’t bother with this movie.

So overall, the movie was an entertaining one. If you’re an avid football fan who wants to get hyped for the draft or just simply misses football, by all means go and see the movie. You won’t be disappointed.

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