Kaepernick Signs Extension with 49ers

There is an old saying that goes: Better an ounce of Luck than a pound of Gold. Colin Kaepernick has just proven that statement true. It was by chance that Kaepernick had gotten a start: Alex Smith went down with a concussion in 2012 and Kaepernick got his chance. By luck he was given a chance to shine.

And shine he did.

Kaepernick completed the 2012 season by taking the 49ers to the Super Bowl. In 2013, after loosing star receiver Michael Crabtree, the 49ers were unable to claim the status as the division leader but made a third consecutive appearance in the NFC Championship game. They lost the game against their bitter division rival Seahawks but Kaepernick’s status as a franchise quarterback was further solidified with an excellent season.

Today Kaepernick and the 49ers reach an agreement for a 6 year, 126 million dollars contract(nfl.com). Kaepernick is guaranteed $61 million (nfl.com). Kapernick will be playing for the 49ers till the 2020 season with the new contract.

An unbelievable amount of money. Kaepernick is far from being a polished quarterback and he just signed an elite, franchise quarterback sized contract.

All that remains to be seen is whether Kaepernick can live up to the expectation that his contract just spawned. 6 years is a long time and, in this sport, the 49ers must ensure that Colin Kaepernick must not get injured. The 49ers must ensure that Kaepernick does not follow a RGIII-esque tumble plagued by injuries. The 49ers must also watch to make sure that Colin Kaepernick lives up to the money invested in him as well. Kaepernick has no choice but to play and work like a Franchise quarterback or risk his NFL career tumble around him. With this much money on him, the 49ers have, not only put their complete faith in Kaepernick, but have also, potentially, started a precedent of paying quarterbacks enormous amounts of money.

There are a lot of eyes on Colin Kaepernick right now and he cannot afford to shy away from the expectation.

Picture Credits: sportsillustrated.cnn.com

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