Miami Heat: We got Ourselves a Series!

Even with the Air Conditioner fixed, the Heat would not be cooled down.

It’s been a tormenting three days for LeBron James. The King missed the last few minutes of a down to the wire Game 1 due to cramps and has been the target of criticism since. “He just isn’t like Mj.”, “Cramps? Are you serious?”, “You know Kobe would have stayed in the game with cramps all over his body.” To add insult to injury, the Heat came up just short in Game 1 which gave Anti- Heat fans something to exult about. If you thought all this would even encumber King James in the slightest way, you are gravely mistaken.

James Cramps up in Game 1 (Credits:

James Cramps up in Game 1

After attending a few yoga classes and dehydration treatments, James stepped on to the bright hardwood floors of AT& T center as a changed man. Despite his sluggish start to the game, LeBron finished the first half with 13 points on 6-11 shooting. Even though most of his points came from the paint, James lacked the “explosiveness “we are so accustomed to seeing. The second half would be different.

James simply could not miss from mid-range and three point territory, scoring 14 points in just the 3rd quarter. His hot shooting did not simmer down as he was able to hit shot after shot in the fourth quarter. The decisive play of the game came late in the game when LeBron found a wide open Chris Bosh in the corner. Bosh’s three point shot put the heat up 95-93.

Moments after Bosh Drills a three (Credits:

Moments after Bosh Drills a three

“Just me knowing how LeBron is, you always have to be poised and ready to shoot the basketball,” Bosh said. “He’s the most unselfish player I’ve ever played with, and especially with the talent that he has playing the game, the way he plays the game. He doesn’t try to force anything.”

LeBron carried his team in Game 2, but his unselfish pass to Bosh with 1:18 left in the 4th would keep the heat on top for the rest of the game.

“He has an incredible way to put his fingerprints on a game in a lot of different areas.”  Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said “We have a very competitive group and you have two days to commiserate how that game went down.”

LeBron creating Space.  (Credits:

LeBron creating Space.

Time to break down this game. James had a game high of 35 points and also had 10 rebounds and three assists. Lewis had a hot start and finished 14 points hitting three 3’s. Wade and Bosh combined for 32 points and 9 rebounds. The Spurs’ Big Three combined for 58 points, but their efforts were just short of a victory.

It was an absolute pleasure watching Tony Parker play in Game 2. His fancy floaters and nifty lay ups fired up the crowd. Father time seemed to be nonexistent on Timmy as Duncan’s put back dunk in the first quarter got everyone on their feet. And let’s not forget San Antonio’s red hot three point shooting, going 12-26. However, the team’s free throw shooting performance was one to forget. Duncan and Parker missed 4 crucial free throws in the 4th quarter and it would cost them heavily as they came up short by two points in the end. LeBron and his team would capitalize on these errors and grabbed the momentum they were been searching for.

“Every possession counts, I mean, if LeBron gets hot and starts making shots like that, it can happen,” Ginobili explained after the game. “But we were still in the game and down the stretch we couldn’t execute well. We took a few bad shots, contested, and they didn’t. They found Chris Bosh wide open on the corner. They took a few shots that went in and, bottom line, is that it was a very close game in the last two minutes they executed better.”

LeBron after a bucket.  (Credits:

LeBron after a bucket.

The Heat have tied things up, and have claimed home court. The pressure is back on the Spurs and it will take everything they have to come up with a win in South Beach. Game 3 is set for tomorrow at 6 pm (Pacific Time).

On to the Next One!

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