2014 NBA Finals : Recap of Game 3


After splitting games back at home in then Alamo City, the San Antonio Spurs made their journey to Miami in hopes of regaining their home court advantage in the series. Game 3 went down as a historic night in NBA Finals History as the San Antonio Spurs were absolutely lethal from all over the court. The main storyline from this game was essentially that the Spurs could absolutely not miss from the court. And it all started with some unlikely heroes…Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green who both had relatively been struggling in Games 1 and 2.

Game 3 started with Kawhi Leonard being super aggressive, a form that we had only seen of him last year in the Finals. On Tuesday night he sure returned as he scored 29 points, which is his career high and his highest point total since high school. Along with Kawhi, the rest of the Spurs were clearly on point as well. The Spurs started off the game 19-21, scored 41 points in the first quarter, and had a 10 minute stretch without missing a shot. This put the Spurs in basically a winning position from the beginning of the game and also to a record – breaking 76 percent shooting in the first half and 71 points in the first half.

On the other hand, the Miami Heat were just out of it and it seemed their confidence was completely destroyed as the Spurs just kept making shot after shot. Furthermore, LeBron James just seemed to be rushing everything. He seemed to be trying to erase the entire deficit by 1 or 2 shots, which was clearly impossible. Another big story for the Heat is then situation brewing with their starting point guard Mario Chalmers and his clear disappearance in the 2014 Finals. Chalmers has made himself a career just out of making big shots and in these finals, his shots just haven’t been falling.  IF the Heat look to level their series in the Finals at home, they will need big contributions from their bench and from Chalmers, and I think they will get that in Game 4.

Prediction for Game 4: Miami 104 Spurs 98

Key Notes from Game 3:

Spurs score 41 in 1st quarter

Spurs shoot 76 percent in 1st half

Only Spurs players to miss in the first 21 shots for the Spurs were Tony Parker and Tim Duncan



Well after reading this article, let’s see what you think? Comment below who you think will win in Game 4? 

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