Klose scores 15th world cup goal

12 years ago,  a man joined the German international team; sparking a phenomenal career. Miroslav Klose turned down a chance to work with Poland to play for his home team: Germany.

Yesterday Klose saved the German team and solidified his spot as one of the football/soccer greats.

Klose scored his fifteenth career World Cup goal, tying him with Ronaldo (no, not Cristiano Ronaldo but a player from Brazil) for career goals in the World Cup. Klose scored a mere 2 minutes after he was substituted in.

This is how it happened

Germany’s Ozil kicked a corner at 70 minutes and 22 seconds. The ball bounced off Germany’s Howedes’ head toward the goal. Klose slides in and taps the ball just past the Ghana goalkeeper to equalize the game at 2-2. This, as it would turn out, would be the final goal of the game. The group stayed wide open with Germany v. Ghana tie. The US could still advance with a win against Portugal.

EDIT: US ties against Portugal off of an EXTRA TIME header by Varela. Portugal scored on 90 + 5th minute; about 15 seconds before the final whistle. The final score is 2-2. The group of death stays open for everyone.

For Klose, this goal is monumental. His already gilded career just got some extra padding and he now holds a prestigious record. Only one thing shadows this goal is Klose’s retirement. Should the US beat Germany and Ghana or Portugal win the tiebreaker against Germany, Germany will be eliminated and Klose would have played his last world cup game. While the goal differential is quite large for Germany, and the chance of elimination is quite low, anything is possible in the world cup. Regardless, the staff at Big Play Nation congratulate Klose and wish him the best in the future.

Picture credit: newsrevealer.com

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