TWIMS: LeBron opts out, Marlins’ outfield, and Dolphins injuries

The next couple of weeks is looking to be interesting in the world of sports for Miami. LeBron had decided to opt for early termination of his contract with the Heat, the Marlins are going to have to make upcoming decisions in the outfield, and some key players for the Dolphins have gone down with injury. If this says anything, this should be an interesting summer of Miami sports.

What Will the Heat Do Now that LeBron has Opted Out?

In a move that does not surprise any, especially after a humiliating defeat to the San Antonio Spurs, LeBron James has decided to forgo the final two years of his contract with the Miami Heat, thus making him a free agent for the second time in four years. The surprising part is that he announced the decision to opt out this early, six days before he had to make a confirmation of what he would do.

Just because LeBron has opted out does not necessarily mean that he is going to leave Miami. Yet at the same time, it does not mean that he will be back next year. All we can do at this point is sit back and wait. But with the decision he made of opting out, it leaves some decisions to be made for the Heat. Of course, they would love for him to stay. But if he does not, does this mean that they bring in Carmelo Anthony to fill his void? There are rumors that Carmelo and LeBron would love to join forces on a team, whether it be in Miami or elsewhere. But Pat Riley has already said the addition of a “fourth superstar” would be a pipe dream. Then again, back in 2010, he said the idea of a “Big Three” in Miami would be a “pipe dream” as well. If LeBron does to decide to go elsewhere, the Heat may press heavy to recruit Carmelo Anthony, who knows the Eastern Conference well, and is aware that it has an easier path to the NBA Finals.

What Will the Marlins Do Once Yelich is Off the Disabled List?

The Marlins and Christian Yelich are both enthusiastic about the latter’s return from the disabled list, going as far as to say that Yelich will get back into the starting line up as soon as he is eligible.

Or will he?

He most likely will, as he has played well for the most part during the season. But ever since he went down with a back injury, that Marlins upped their outfield from a defensive standpoint. To fill Yelich’s void, the Marlins recalled Jake Marisnick from Triple-A New Orleans. He had been playing extremely well in the Minors, and could have been starting on another Major League team. But the Marlins seemed to already have been set with Yelich, Giancarlo Stanton, and Marcell Ozuna. Marisnick has been on and off with the bat, but his defense is what made him a highly touted prospect in the first place, and it has shown during his two trips to the Majors. With Marcell Ozuna, you have a guy who can help on both sides of the ball. He has finally shown off the power that he was said to have had in the Minors, and has shown off the cannon of an arm that he has on more than one occasion. Up to this point, Ozuna’s numbers have been on par with many All-Star candidates. And with Giancarlo, you have a surefire All-Star slugger that has a cannon for an arm as well. This is a dilemma that was bound to come, as I have mentioned before. And it has finally come about. What will the Marlins do when Yelich comes back? There are two possibilities. One is simply sending Marisnick back down to New Orleans as his batting numbers haven’t been superb. The other options the Marlins have is sending another player down or designating a player for assignment in order to make room for Marisnick. One major candidate that could be designated for assignment is Rafael Furcal. He has been injury ridden all season and the Marlins look to have their second baseman of the future in Derek Dietrich. It’ll be very interesting to see what happens when Yelich comes off the DL.

Key Dolphins Players Injured

The Miami Dolphins have announced injuries to two players who are expected to be a huge part of their core this season. Both center Mike Pouncey and recently signed running back Knowshon Moreno are suffering from injury. Pouncey, a Pro Bowler and first round pick of the Dolphins in 2011, has gone down with a hip injury and underwent surgery that will leave him out for about three months. Moreno, a free agent signing who last played for the Denver Broncos, underwent arthroscopic knee surgery that will preclude him from being involved in any activity for about a month. This worrisome for the Dolphins as both are expected to be big contributors to the team in the upcoming season.

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